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Welcome to my little piece of the internet!


Walking along the beach, my feet scuffling through the shallow water; the cool breeze on a sunny day; the stirring scents of gardenia, jasmine and daphne evoke strong memories of my mother; the meditative and therapeutic practice of stitching with thread and yarn; a beautifully patterned fabric rug; a pretty dress; historical buildings; walking in the mountains.   All of these things and more trigger my emotions and feelings and are translated into paintings, predominantly through an intuitive process that is constantly evolving.

I see shapes, lines and colours in everything and these elements are important components in my artwork weaving into symbols, patterns and motifs that have become part of my visual language.   

I enjoy the juxtaposition of loose and expressive versus structured and geometric and also the tactility of incorporating stitching and collage elements which provide satisfying depth and texture.  

"Art is the journey
of a free soul"

Alev Oguz

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