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"Walking along the beach, paddling in the water; a cool breeze on a summer's day; evocative scents of gardenia and jasmine; the meditative practice of stitching with thread; a beautifully patterned fabric; old buildings; walking in the mountains.   All of these things and more spark my emotions and feelings and are translated into artworks, predominantly through an intuitive process that is constantly evolving.

I see shape, line and colour in everything and these components are important elements in my work weaving into symbols, patterns and motifs that have become part of my personal visual language.  

As a mixed media artist I enjoy the juxtaposition of painting loose versus structured; smooth versus textured.   So much to explore! I hope my work exudes joy and pleasure to the owners of the walls they grace". 

"Inhale possibility, exhale creativity.” – Laura Jaworski

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