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Elizabeth is a New Zealand born mixed media artist working from her home studio in Sydney.   Being creative is part of Elizabeth's DNA and her love of colour and pattern began as a child through drawing, painting, collaging and stitching.   She went on however to study and work in the legal profession as a paralegal before embarking on travel and adventure in Europe, like many Antipodeans!

Settling in Australia in 2004 the following years were devoted to raising her young family, dipping in and out of creative projects and taking art workshops when time allowed.  In 2019 Elizabeth set up her home art studio and began a committed art practice.  Generally abstract in nature Elizabeth paints intuitively, laying down initial marks, or blocks of colour that then determine the direction of the painting, over multiple layers.  Elizabeth is process driven and enjoys working in mixed media.  Her choice of medium for a painting or series of paintings depends on subject and intuition.    She loves incorporating different techniques such as glazing areas, scratching back, adding collage, and stitching into paper, canvas and fabric works with thread and beading.  The textile element to her stitched artworks offers a different point of interest, adding dimension and tactility.  Her inspiration is drawn from the places she has travelled, a love of pattern, flora, fauna and varying landscapes.   


Elizabeth's paintings are dynamic and colourful and exude joy and positivity.    Her work has been purchased by collectors in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Portugal, Switzerland, France and the UK. 

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